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Vistaprint x

Futura Laboratories

These designs come from the mind of FUTURA2000, an iconic NYC-based artist, designer, and pioneering voice from the seminal “Subway School.” In collaboration with Futura Laboratories, Vistaprint will donate a portion of the proceeds of Futura Laboratories masks to Free Arts NYC, an organization dedicated to empowering underserved youth through art and mentoring programs.

Forest: mixed white


Forest: mixed black


Forest: mixed sky blue


Logo: black


Atomic: sky blue


Atomic: black


Atomic: white


Futura Laboratories x Palais de Tokyo

A partnership between Futura Laboratories and the largest contemporary art center in Europe. More info here.

Palais de Tokyo x Futura Laboratories: Violent Treasure


Palais de Tokyo x Futura Laboratories: black


Posters and decals

Whether for home or business, these products let people know where you stand.

Walking (Poster)


Language (Poster)


Distance (Poster)


Direction (Poster)


Cover your mouth (Decal)


Sneakers (Decal)


6 Pies (Decal)


Practice (Decal)



Future profile

FUTURALABORATORIES is a design company and lifestyle brand created by the artist FUTURA2000 in 1997, as a spinoff group to the parent company at that time; PROJECTDRAGON.

FUTURALABORATORIES has always worked closely with UMBRELLA FILMS for visual amplification and TARANTULA DESIGNS as a graphic think tank. The brand has created many collections over multiple decades and found numerous partners in various collaborative efforts. FUTURALABORATORIES was rebooted in 2019 with excitement and engagement across multiple platforms.

Next collection


This Amsterdam-based artist creates striking silhouettes that live in surreal worlds with characters that are rhythmic and bold.