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Jennifer Dahbura

Jennifer Dahbura hails from El Salvador. Her work is inspired by women, and seeks to portray them while exploring themes like human behavior, equality and fantasy.



Royal Vases


Fungi Field


Starry Sky


My name is Jennifer Dahbura. I’m a freelance illustrator based in the small and tropical country of El Salvador. I was raised surrounded by a lot of amazing women. They were my first inspiration, that’s why my work is focused on the portrayal of women and also explores human behavior, equality, sentiments and fantasy—giving it a magical and mystical touch.

I’m also inspired by a mixture of aesthetics from the 15th century and photography from the 40s, mainly the circus world. To me the most important thing is trying to put the essence of feelings and emotions through artwork, making out more intimate and creating connections with other people’s stories.

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