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Design a mask.
Enter “Masks by Me”
Win prizes.

Vistaprint and celebrity judge Kristen Bell want to see your child’s dream mask! With our “Masks by Me” Student Coloring Contest, your young artist could win free custom masks and other prizes.

Let’s get kids excited about wearing a mask by letting them create their own! Invite your child to design their dream mask — they can draw anything they’d like on our downloadable mask template. Then share their design on Instagram or upload the image to our entry submission page to enter the contest — see below for full details. (If you love their creation, you can turn it into a custom-printed mask with our Upload & Go design option!)

Vistaprint will team up with celebrity judge Kristen Bell to select our winners — we’ll score contest entries on creativity, originality and overall design. There will be a total of 6 grand prize winners. We’ll select 2 artists from each of our 3 age groups: 5-8, 9-12 and 13-17. Grand prizes will be awarded to the parents or guardians of our winners. Each prize includes 30 custom masks to share with family and friends, a $500 gift card for school supplies and 500 masks donated to their child’s school.

Enter by 11:59pm EST on September 8, 2020. No purchase required for contest entry.

Going "Back to School" is going to look a little different this year. For parents everywhere, this is a new challenge. Vistaprint's Masks by Me contest is a way to encourage everyone to wear their mask and get creative in the process.

— Kristen Bell

How to enter

But wait—there's more.
Your child has created a work of art—now’s a great time to turn it into a custom-printed mask! We can help with our Upload & Go design option. Start creating.

  • Download our mask template and print it out.

  • Have your child design their dream face mask design (original artwork only). Make sure to save the finished design in case we need it later.
  • Create a digital image of the finished design.
    • For best results, we recommend you use a scanner. If you don’t have one, no problem – free scanner apps are available for most smartphones.

    • If you choose to take a photo instead, please use a well-lit area and avoid shadows. Double check your photo to make sure the colors are crisp and clear.

  • ENTRY OPTION 1: Share the image on Instagram.
    • Before you post, make sure your profile is set to public – we want to be able to see your child’s masterpiece! Please caption your post and include the following: 

      • Your child’s age (e.g. “Age 6”)

      • What your child loves about their mask design

      • Both of these hashtags: #VPMasksbyMe and #contest

      • This tag: @vistaprint

  • Download

    ENTRY OPTION 2: Upload the image to our entry submission page. 

    You’ll be able to upload an image from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram (public or private). Please add a caption that includes the following:

    • Your child’s age (e.g. “Age 6”)

    • What your child loves about their mask design

    Before you submit, we’ll ask you for a display name and contact details – if you’d like, you can log in via your Facebook account. Please note that submitting via this method includes granting us permission to use your image in Vistaprint marketing.

Download mask template

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